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13 Jul It should be possible that we can download games and psp games and other apps from media go especially people with Wifi only version for quick downloads. SONY HAVE DESIGNED THE VITA SO IT ONLY WORKS WITH EITHER YOUR PS3, PC CONTENT MANAGER OR VITA'S PSN STORE! As to your question. 25 Jan Please note, as of January the Media Go application is no longer available to download. Users who have the application installed are still able to use it and access the support website, but the software is no longer supported and will not be available to redownload should you delete it. You can't use Media Go on the Vita. Yes you can. You can use Media Go to download all your stuff from PSN to your PC and then you can download Sony's Vita Content Manager for PC and transfer everything without needing a PS3 at all . Here's how to to it from Sony's VITA ONLINE USER'S GUIDE.

I posted something in a thread that may possibly work. 1.) Download games via Media Go 2.) Put them on PSP 3.) Check your psp for PSP\GAME folder and take out the game (Example: ULUS) 4.) Put the specific game folder in Documents\PS Vita\PGAME\f7be0e 5.) Use content manager to transfer from. Will Media Go continue to function with the Vita the same way it does with PSP for transferring purchased games to from my computer to the device and for "In Content Manager, manage content (music, videos, and photos) and games and other applications on your PS Vita system and a connected PS3™. Media Go software connects and enhances your digital entertainment world. Music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, photos, and more.

Managing your PSP downloads is made easier with Sony's Media Go software for PC. Media Go is an update to and replacement for Media Manager. It's free and can be a useful utility for managing your PSP downloads on your PC. It's also the only way to access the PlayStation Store from your PC, so if you don't have a . Can I redeem a code for a game download on Media Go and download the game on my computer while I don't have access to my Vita? If so then how. 12 Oct A few changes are going to happen to Media Go software that most people use for their PSP, PSPGO & even the Vita. If you never used Media Go then you have nothing to worry about, but if you don't know Media Go is a free multimedia management app that runs on Windows. It manages your content on.



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